Engaged and Married in less than a month!

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Newly Engaged!

Newly Engaged!

EXCITING news folks!!! We’ve set a new world record for the speed at which we went from “engaged” to “married”!! OK, that may be a lie… Either way, in less than a month’s time we went from being fiancés to being husband and wife! The Army certainly makes you think about these kinds of life-changing events a little differently than normal “civilian” life would have you think of them. Let me digress though… July 1st Phil, Sarah, Mike and I packed up the cars and headed north for our annual Sand Rock 4th of July Camping Weekend Extravaganza! We stopped at the ONLY Whole Foods in Alabama, picked up some succulent steaks and yummy treats! Mike and I the took the plunge and purchased a new rope and we were good to go! We arrived at Sand Rock sometime in the mid-afternoon and set up camp. After we were finished putting the last stake in the ground, Mike asked if I wanted to get a climb in before dinner, to which I (of course) answered, “Yes!”. Sarah and Phil hung out at the campsite and Mike and I headed off to one of our favorite trad routes. Mike lead the route and told me that he’d belay me from the top (nothing out of the ordinary). Right before I tied in he yelled down and asked if I had a camera. I packed my iPhone (camera) and headed up the climb. When I reached the top I turned around to a beautiful view of the surround towns. This is the one place in Alabama where I actually feel like I’m not in Alabama, it’s lovely! Mike was sitting at the top of this rock formation we had just scaled and I took a seat in front of him. I snapped a couple of pictures of the landscape and the two of us and then Mike asked if he could use the camera to take some pictures of “the gear and the landscape”. I wasn’t sure what he was going for, but handed him the camera. He had me look out to the view and behind my back, he whipped out of his chalk bag a box with a ring (a very special ring) in it and took a quick picture of it. He then proceeded to show me the picture (on my iPhone) and ask, “Hey, what’s that?”, pointing to the ring in the photo. It took me a moment to realize that that wasn’t a piece of gear, he was about to ask me a big question!! I turned around so quick that I’m pretty sure I gave myself whiplash and asked, “Really?!?!? REALLY?!?!” I’m pretty sure I said “really” a half a million times and I also vaguely remember thanking him, but I can’t be sure because after that moment my mind pretty much turned into mush and the next few minutes were like some sort of blurry fantasy-love-land. Ha ha ha! 😉 After I came to (I’m pretty sure I said “Yes” somewhere in those blurry few minutes), we were actually able to obtain some sort of cellular service and we called our parents and such. After we safely returned to the ground (not metaphorically speaking, physically speaking), we walked back to our campsite where Phil and Sarah greeted us with big smiles, a couple hugs, and drinks! Mike then proceeded to fire off Phil’s mini cannon to get the party started! Soon after Phil and Sarah began cooking up an absolutely delicious steak dinner!! The steaks and potatoes were cooked directly on the hot coals and they were AMAZING! Dinner was followed by more drinks and a dessert that was to die for!! Sarah had stirred up a caramel concoction that we dipped green apples and angle food cake in! I’m pretty sure that was one of the best nights of my life (thus far)!

Engaged for two weeks, married by three! That’s how we roll (in the Army)!! OK, so it was more like two and a half weeks that we were engaged for, but who’s counting? July 20th was a hot, Wednesday morning and after a quick phone call to the Coffee County Courthouse (to make sure the person who needed to be there was actually there), we found ourselves dawning some presentable clothes, a little hair and makeup (for me), and we were off to say “I do”! Phil and Sarah were kind enough to join us for our little ceremony. Phil agreed to man the digital camera and Sarah, the video camera. They both watched (and took photos and movies) as Mike and I went in, signed some papers, attended a ceremony (that was under three minutes) and in a total of about 20 minutes, we went from Mr. and Miss to Mr. and Mrs.! Even though it was rather comical, I must admit, it was pretty exciting and I’m VERY happy to now call Mike my husband! We are certainly looking forward to having a celebration with our family and friends back in MA when time allows! 🙂 We’ve now been married for a little over two weeks and I can’t say anything (other than my last name and being “husband” and “wife”) has changed! At the core of everything, we’re best friends and that’s what we’ll always be! 😀

Newly Married!

Newly Married!

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  1. Jan O'Malley says:

    Congratulations to you both! You two are so perfect together. I really enjoyed the video of your wedding – of course, I was bawlin'! I'm glad you have this blog – now you can keep us posted about Japan!

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