Ava Bracelet Review

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Well, this is a first! I mean, I’ve written my fair share of reviews on Amazon, Yelp, and other websites, but never on my blog. I decided to do this because when I was researching the Ava bracelet, I had a very difficult time finding any reviews outside of the Ava website. I wasn’t even able to read the reviews on their site as the link appeared to be broken. Anyway, not that I don’t trust the fine folks at Ava, but third-party reviews always put my mind at ease. So let’s get down to business…

What is it?

If you’re wondering what the Ava bracelet is, click here to read all about it! If you’re wondering why I’m using one, the short story is that my husband and I have had trouble getting pregnant and I’m willing to try just about anything to avoid synthetic hormones and invasive procedures.

It Won’t Stay On.

I placed my order on 11/27/2016. I took advantage of the discounted “Black Friday” price ($179). They were very clear about the product being in high demand and warned me, well in advance, that my bracelet wouldn’t ship for 8-12 weeks after my order was processed. That was fine by me. Exactly 11 weeks goes by, and on January 12th, my bracelet was on my doorstep. I opened the box, downloaded the app, and connected the bracelet without any issues at all. That night I start using my bracelet and everything was hunky-dory. I synced it the next morning, without any problems, and totally nerded out looking over the data it had collected. The first issue I encountered occurred on the third night. I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed that the bracelet had fallen off. I searched around in the dark, found it and secured it back my wrist. Apparently, I do a lot of shuffling around at night, and a few hours later it came off again. I ensured that everything was tight and properly secured, yet every time a snagged the end of the strap on the sheet or my clothes, it pulled right off. My fix for this problem was to turn the strap inside out. It’s a pain in the butt to get on, but it stays on all night without any problems (see the video below for a visual explanation).

It Broke.

On the fourth night, it stayed on all night long, but when I removed the bracelet to sync it, I noticed that a little metal washer on my wrist. I put the washer aside and synced the bracelet only to find out that the washer is, apparently, an import part of the system. My data came back as “poor” and it only recorded 2.5 hours of my 8 hours of sleep. I messaged the folks at Ava via the Facebook Messenger App. Within a couple of hours, I received a message back from them, thanking me for letting them know, and letting me know that they had processed an order for a new one to be sent out to me. I was told that I should receive it within a week.

My Current Feelings:

My plan is to keep anyone who may be reading this posted about the replacement bracelet and any other pro and cons that I discover while using this new device. I hope someone out there finds this helpful! 🙂

1/18/17 – I’m now waiting for my replacement. I just received an email today saying that it shipped—yay!  Alright, so where this is a new product, I’m expecting it will have some issues. Ava’s customer service has been great, so no complaints there. As far as the bracelet goes, it’s pretty much what I expected. I would like to see them improve their band design at some point in the future. It would be nice if it were similar to the Apple Watch, as I love their design. The Ava app is nice. The UI is clean and concise. I would like to see them add the ability to include more cycle data (symptoms, tests, etc.) in the future.

1/31/17 – I received my replacement on Jan. 21st and I haven’t had any problems with it thus far. Even despite the lapse in data collection, it seems to have correctly logged my ovulation day. I used an OPK this month, too, and that showed up as positive on the 25th, giving me an ovulation day of the 26th. The Ava app said that I ovulated on the 27th, so they’re only a day apart, which is close enough for me. I’m curious to see what next month’s results will be. I’ll keep you posted!

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