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Surviving a visit from your Mother and Mother-in-law

You’re in panic mode! You just found out that your Mother and Mother-in-law are visiting… at the same time!! What do you do?!? First off, stop hyper-ventilating, that’s only going to help you pass out. Next, follow my two easy steps on how to survive this situation or rather, how to avoid it in the […]

Washington… the state, not DC… Geeezz!

Mike and I departed Boston Saturday (Sept 12) at 3:15pm and arrived in Seattle at 8:10pm. It was only about a 4 hour flight across the country (no head wind). We met up with Gina, Nate and Paresh for some yummy pizza and a couple of drinks. I spent Saturday night at Gina and Nate’s […]

Insane in the membrane, INSANE IN THE BRAIN!

WOW! That word pretty much sums up my weekend! What a way to end the winter climbing season! Mark, Mike and I began our hike up one of the gullies on Mt. Webster fairly early on Saturday morning. We had the most perfect weather you can imagine. We all actually got a little bit of […]

10 mile hike in knee deep snow without snowshoes… AWESOME!

I ended this nice long weekend with another snowy hike!! Mark, Mike and I hiked Galehead Mtn. on Sunday via the Gale River Trail to Garfield Ridge Trail to Frost Trail. It started off with a little dusting of snow on the ground which then turned into ankle deep, then knee deep and then nearly […]

Climbing and backpacking all in the same day… I must be dreaming!

This weekend was splendid! Mike and I drove up to Franconia Notch Friday night and spent the night in the truck so that we could wake up early to begin our climb on Cannon. Sure enough we were the first ones in the parking lot Saturday morning. We climbed Wiesner’s Dike and about halfway up […]