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A Great Location to Practice Your Backcountry Skills in Colorado
Kate and I ready to head down


Kate and I found ourselves (almost exactly 1 year after our first trip) enjoying another day of alpine touring at an abandoned ski resort south of Colorado Springs. Parker-Fitzgerald Cuchara Mountain Park is located in the quaint town of Cuchara, nestled in a beautiful valley in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range.

Last year we were inspired to visit the closed resort after we saw it featured in the documentary, “Abandoned” (highly recommend watching that!). We learned how a group of local volunteers is working hard to revive the park.

John Meyer, of The Denver Post, recently wrote an article about its history and possible re-opening. The Cuchara Foundation is working hard to breathe life back into the old resort. They now have a website and Facebook page where they post information about events, volunteering opportunities and ways to donate. They’re hoping to have one of the lifts open this Summer for mountain biking. Here’s hoping they reach their goals! It’s a wonderful place to visit at any time of the year and I highly recommend checking it out!

Personally, I like to have my fun in the winter months! Granted the day we visited it didn’t feel much like winter at all with highs in the low 50’s! There also wasn’t nearly as much snow as there was last year. Either way, we got a few runs in and I {DRUM ROLL, PLEASE} tried telemark skiing for the first time and I didn’t fall! Granted it was NTN and not 75mm, so a bit easier. One tele run wasn’t enough for this gal, so I’ll be back at it again soon!

My official telemark portrait (photo credit: Kate M.):

Cuchara is a convenient and beautiful place to practice your backcountry skills in a fairly safe environment. Just remember—30?(or less) slopes are your friends, always show up prepared (check the CAIC site), and do yourself a solid and take some avalanche courses! Now go rent some backcountry gear and get out there!