Ice Climbing ‘n’ Ridin’

Mt. Willard summit
Me after we reached the top of Mt. Willard

OK… so I’m not awesome at keeping up-to-date with this blog stuff… Hmmm alright, let’s see… what’s happened since my last entry?… I typically can’t remember what I did yesterday so you’ll forgive me if I forget something. Here it goes… Sometime in January Gina, Danielle and I went snowboarding at Pat’s Peak. It was Gina’s first time on a snowboard and Danielle and I did our best to keep her off her butt! 🙂 She did really well and I hope she keeps up with it! I still have yet to use my skis that I bought last season!! It’s starting to drive me a little insane… I don’t know what my problem is but everytime I go to the mountain I end up snowboarding… maybe it’s what my inner-self truly desires… Ha! 🙂 At some other point in January Mike and I went ice climbing at Frankenstein Cliff in New Hampshire, it was totally rad! We had a beautiful sunny, 0?F (with the windchill) day! The weekend following that Sean and I went up to Mt. Snow in VT. I’ve never been, it’s a pretty sweet mountain! Sean totally showed off in the park! Ha! (Sean – if you read this, I’m kidding, I’m just envious of your mad skillz!) Which brings us to this past weekend… Mike and I drove up on Sat. to the Crawford Notch area and did two short climbs, stayed the night in Twin Mountain and returned to Mt. Willard to do a longer gully climb on Sun. Now for all you MA people, while you were enjoying the beautiful, sunny 40-something degree day, Mike and I were freezing our butts off in a snowstorm in the White Mountains! Ha! It’s amazing how different the weather can be from one place to the next. Now keep calm… don’t get your panties all up in a knot, I’ll have pictures posted soon!