Indiana, Illinois and Iowa… that’s a lotta i’s!

We departed our service station in Indiana around 10 this morning,
drove straight through Indi and into Illinois. We stopped at a Walmart
Supercenter and picked up some goods. We continued to drive straight
through IL and into Iowa. We just made a stop at the Iowa 80 truck
stop, the LARGEST truck stop in the WORLD! Well, at least that's what
the sign said. 🙂 Above is a picture of Juju, the road trip mascot,
enjoying the Illinois landscape.

One thought on “Indiana, Illinois and Iowa… that’s a lotta i’s!

  1. Murrays Mom says:

    Juju is adorable. Seeing her made me laugh right out loud. Leave it to you to have a trip mascot. I’m impressed but not surprised. The pictures are terrific. Love seeing them and reading about your progress.Love, Auntie JanPS Hurricane Hannah is passing through North Carlina. So far we’re just experiencing heavy rain and high winds. So far, so good. It may be out of here and into Virginia by this afternoon. We’re staying put today.

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