Climbing and backpacking all in the same day… I must be dreaming!

This weekend was splendid! Mike and I drove up to Franconia Notch Friday night and spent the night in the truck so that we could wake up early to begin our climb on Cannon. Sure enough we were the first ones in the parking lot Saturday morning. We climbed Wiesner’s Dike and about halfway up the climb it became extremely windy and cloudy, by the time we reached the top of what once was Old Man’s head we were experiencing 50mph winds! It was freakin’ awesome!! We met Mark (who hiked up) at the top and headed down together. We were soon on our way to Davis Path which we hiked up to Resolution Shelter where we spent the night. Sunday we hiked through the very wet trails which lead to the summit of Mt. Crawford. At first the summit was very cloudy and we couldn’t see a thing but after spending a few minutes there the clouds started to clear and behind them were some pretty sweet views! The picture above was taken at the summit of Mt. Crawford and you can find more pictures by clicking here!