hike inThis past weekend was a chilly one! Mike and I headed north early Saturday morning, we drove into some snow showers up near Cannon… I can’t even begin to tell you how stoked I was to see snow!!! We started our hike into Isolation Shelter around 2:30 and found ourselves searching through the dark, snow-covered woods for a campsite after discovering that a bunch of dudes had overtaken the shelter. We set up shop quick and enjoyed our dinner while listening to some Christmas tunes as the snow fell around Mike’s little tent. It was like Christmas except we hadn’t even made it through Thanksgiving!! :o) The wind was howling that night. We guessed the gusts had to have been up in the 60mph range. Mike’s watch read a whopping 16ºF inside the tent… I can’t imagine how cold it was outside the tent, especially with the wind chill and all! It was a wonderful, chilly night!! I love winter!!!inside the tent