Like… WHOA!

Like… whoa! Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays, but MAN I’m glad this craziness is over! So let’s see… Christmas Eve was awesome! The fam all came over and it was good times as always (Auntie Jan & Uncle Jim, we missed you both!) The weekend following Christmas my mom, Joanne, Jim, Scott, Steve, Michelle, the Canadians and Lou took to the slopes of Sunday River… slopeside! Granted the weather was a bit strange we still got a full day in on Saturday and I rode a half day Sunday, it was AWESOME!! Oh and did I mention we also enjoyed the heated outdoor pool and jacuzzi!! Yeahhhh… like I said before, AWESOME!

New Year’s Eve Nick and I went to Nate’s house in Essex. Nate lives in a cool house connected to a saw mill where he works. I enjoyed some live music provided by Nick, Nate, Tim, a couple guitars and a bongo. We counted down to 2009 with the folks in Time Square and then froze our butts off watching a firework show in the driveway. At about 3AM I partook in some drunken guitar lessons thanks to Tim. I met a lot of really awesome people and had a grand ol’ time! Now it’s time to catch up on some much need sleep!

Click here for pics from the aforementioned Sweater Party and Sunday River