Livin’ in the lap of luxury

Yesterday we continued to drive through Iowa and into Nebraska. We
stopped to see the the Centennial and Big Boy locomotives at the
boarder of Nebraska and Iowa. Those were the biggest trains I've ever
seen! We spent the night at a campground in Nebraska where we enjoyed
some filet mignon wrapped in bacon, potatoes and string beans for
dinner. We ended the evening with a shower (Yay! First one in three
days!) and a movie. We got on the road this morning around nine and
we're on our way to Wyoming! Above is a picture of Mike enjoying some
Scali bread as our steaks sizzles over the grill! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Livin’ in the lap of luxury

  1. Murrays Mom says:

    Wow, can you two help it! That meal sounds absolutely delicious. It always tastes best when cooked outdoors on a grill. You can write a book about your adventure, you know! Take great notes and I know you’re taking lots of pictures. This is an experience most people never even think about.Love, Auntie Jan and Uncle Jim

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Laura! I’m wishing I was with you eating that wonderful meal! I hope you are both having a wonderful time and enjoying this experience! Looking forward to more pictures when you return.Love, Traci

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