Fresh out of the Winds and onto Utah

I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see mountains again! We drove
into Wyoming on Monday morning and got up to the Wind River Range that
evening. We spent most of the night trying to navigate our way through
some very poorly marked dirt roads trying to find our way to Big
Sandy. We gave up around 10pm and drove up to Pinedale and stayed at
the Fremont Lake campground. We got up early and headed into town to
get some info on the Winds, by about 11am we were back on the dirt
roads heading into the Winds. We started our hike in around 4pm and
got into camp around 7. It was a little chilly but nothing too bad.
The next morning we hiked up to Clear Lake and Deep Lake and while we
were up at Deep Lake it started to hail/snow/rain. We took shelter
under a boulder for about 45 minutes until the little storm passed.
Just as we reached camp it started hailing and there was a little bit
of thunder and lighting. The next morning we awoke to more snow and
called it quits. We hiked out and stayed the night in a little cabin
in Pinedale with a shower and two big comfortable beds!! Today we're
in Utah, we spent the day laying on the beach on Great Salt Lake, a
BIG change from the snow! 🙂 Above is a picture if the Wind River
Range seen from the dirt road leading in. Although I wasn't totally
prepared for the weather in there it was an absolutely breathtaking
place!! I definitely want to go back!

2 thoughts on “Fresh out of the Winds and onto Utah

  1. Murrays Mom says:

    That is some experience of snow, hail, thunder, rain and lightning. You two are having such a great time – lucky you. Can hardly wait to see your e-album! Yesterday we went to a Farm Fest in Liberty, NC. That was fun for us. They even had a herding demonstration with the farm dogs.Love, Auntie Jan and Uncle Jim

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello my dearsGood to hear from you. Glad you’re having such a great experience. You guys sure do get going late in the day! Aren’t you glad I’m not with you? I’d have you up and going by 7am and back by 10! Looks like warmer weather is coming your way. Enjoy!! Love ya! Mom

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