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D + Andy Do Japan {video}


Back in June, our friends Danielle and Andy jumped on a jet-plane to spend 10 days here in Japan! They traveled between Tokyo and Kyoto and seemed to enjoy their stay very much! Mike and I were happy to accompany them to Hakone (which is where most of these clips were shot) for a long weekend! We stayed at a hotel where Danielle and Andy experienced traditional accommodations, a Onsen and a Japanese-style breakfast (they serve spaghetti and fish, among other things, it’s weird, trust me). We took the Hakone Ropeway up to Owakundani where the smell of sulphur is so strong it makes your eyes water. Everyone except me ate the hard-boiled eggs cooked in the hot sulphur springs (they’re supposed to bring you luck), so I guess they’ll all win the lottery and retire early whilst I will live happily in a box down by the river. Awesome. Anyway, I had a fabulous time with D and Andy while they visited and I hope they’ll return before we leave!

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