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Happy Anniversary


Us at the top of a climb in Sand Rock right before Mike proposed!
Us at the top of a climb at Sand Rock right before Mike proposed!

Today Mike and I celebrate our two year anniversary! It being our anniversary and all, I thought I’d dedicate a post to my main squeeze!

The man that I’m so madly in love with today started out as my climbing partner. Is there a better way to meet someone?!? I don’t think so. If you climb, you know that a climbing partner quickly becomes a good friend because, let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to trust anyone but a good friend (at the least) with your life on the other end of that rope. Good friends, turned into great friends, great friends into best friends and I think it may have been on the cross-country trip that we took together in 2008 that I realized maybe this could be more. I guess it’s kind of easy to start to fall for someone who you spend a month with, living in close quarters out of the back of a truck, without having a single argument! Especially considering the fact that I was really good at giving Mike the wrong directions!! Impressive, right? I’d like to think so!

Even after many post-roadtrip adventures together, I don’t believe that either of us would fully appreciate the company of one another until Mike left for basic training in January of 2010. Shortly after basic training began, we realized that the only way we could stay together would involve me leaving my life in Massachusetts to embark on a totally new and different life in Alabama and beyond. It was a HUGE desicion which I made in less than a second, because I knew that I didn’t want another moment to pass without Mike by my side. So, after basic and WOC school, we packed up our belongings and headed south. Not a single moment has passed where I’ve regretted any part of that decision. Quite frankly, it’s the best decision I’ve made in my life thus far! Our life together in Alabama was going just swimmingly even despite the stresses of flight school and living in, well, Alabama. I’ve heard many people say, “Oh just wait until you move in together, everything will change…”, well, I’m still waiting for that to happen, and ehhhh, it’s been 3 years!

July 2nd, 2011 was a beautiful, warm and sunny day. Mike and I sat atop a climb we had just completed, Mike took a photo with my phone behind my back, he showed me the picture he had just taken and asked, “Hey, what’s that?”. I stared at the blurry image and quickly turned to face him and enthusiastically said, “Oh my god! Really?!?” It was a blurry image of a ring in a chalk-dust covered box, next to the cams hanging from my climbing harness and it was the most exciting moment in my life, thus far! Two best friends, a few glasses of champagne, a delightful steak dinner and a few mini cannon firings were just icing on the cake the day we celebrated our engagement! As far as I’m concerned, that was our engagement AND wedding celebration! That weekend at Sand Rock will go down in my history book as one of the best weekends of my life!

The Military has a tendency to rush happy couples into matrimony. As Mike once put it, marriage is the only way to de-turd your significant other, in other words, if you’re not married, you’re invisible to the military. I’m not saying that we wouldn’t have gotten married had Mike not been in the Army, it just wouldn’t have been as rushed. That being said, July 20th, 2011, we found ourselves on a beautiful Tahitian beach, the sun setting over a calm ocean, a light breeze blowing over our sun-kissed faces as we said, “I do”… {insert record scratching sound here} JUST KIDDING!! In reality, it was a magical day at the Coffee County Courthouse in Enterprise, Alabama! We were accompanied by two best friends, who were armed with video and digital cameras documenting the moments on the day that we said, “I do!” By the way, it was a Wednesday (Dane Cook… anyone?), but really, it was a Wednesday… or maybe a Thursday… I don’t recall exactly. Seriously, when your wedding is on a weekday, who remembers those kinds of details?!? All I know is that it didn’t matter what day of the week it was, who was present (besides Mike), what I was wearing or whether it was raining, all I know is that as long as Mike is standing next to me, any day is a great day and I couldn’t be happier!

Happy Anniversary to the most amazing guy I know! I love you, LOTS!

If you missed our wedding… Oh wait, I forgot, everyone did (other than Phil and Sarah)! Ha ha! 😉 Please enjoy the video below of our classy nuptials! It’s not the most exciting wedding video ever, but it sure is unique, well, for us anyway!

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