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Today Mike, Rusty, Karli and I joined a few co-op’s (Japanese Self-Defense Force soldiers who shadow different US soldiers at Zama) on a bus trip down to Camp Fuji for a live-fire demonstration put on by the Japanese Self-Defense Force. Gosh darn it, I love watching shit get blown up!! Ha ha! Let’s see… there was some mobile artillery, anti-tank missiles, 20mm cannons, mortars, and small-arms, just to name a few!! There were also dudes rapping out of Blackhawks, Chinooks dropping Jeeps and Apaches putting holes in targets with the 30mm guns!! Needless to say it was totally RAD!! I took a good amount of video that I’m hoping is usable as I wasn’t paying much attention to the LCD with all the action going on around me! What an awesome Man-day!