10 mile hike in knee deep snow without snowshoes… AWESOME!

I ended this nice long weekend with another snowy hike!! Mark, Mike and I hiked Galehead Mtn. on Sunday via the Gale River Trail to Garfield Ridge Trail to Frost Trail. It started off with a little dusting of snow on the ground which then turned into ankle deep, then knee deep and then nearly hip deep! Judging by the little snow we encountered at the trailhead we figured we’d be fine without snowshoes… boy were we wrong! Luckily for us a couple people had gone up ahead of us with snowshoes and blazed a nice little trail. We took turns with another party ahead of us, who were also lacking in the snowshoe department, breaking trail beyond what those folks in the snowshoes had accomplished. It’s never a bad day hiking in the snow, even if ya have to do a little extra work breaking trail! Above is a picture of Mark from the lookout just below Galehead’s summit.