I’ve got a need… a need for speed!

Ice climbing, rock climbing, driving across country… yeah, they’re all good but I need more in my life… I need to fly! Ha! Kidding! It being close to Christmas and all, I’ve once again got lazy about updating my blog… shame on me! Anywho, let’s see… two weekends ago Mike took me flying in the morning, it was awesome! I flew the plane all by myself (pictured above)! Ha ha ha! That night Mark, Mike and I were off to an ugly sweater party… good times, indeed!! Sunday afternoon Mike and I went back into Boston to watch a game of racquets. It’s similar to squash but far more dangerous. It’s played in a granite room with an acrylic ball wrapped in twine and tape that can reach speeds up to 180mph… don’t believe me? Google it! Fast forward to this past weekend which was FILLED with snow!!! YAY!!! The fam and I went to our annual xmas party with friend’s of the fam, also good times!! And ahhhh well, I shoveled… a lot! I’m looking forward to this coming weekend when I’ll be hitting the slopes up at Sunday River! That about does it for now. For the folks who actually read this, Happy Holidays to you all!

Click here for Plane Ride pics!