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Engaged and Married in less than a month!

EXCITING news folks!!! We’ve set a new world record for the speed at which we went from “engaged” to “married”!! OK, that may be a lie… Either way, in less than a month’s time we went from being fiancés to being husband and wife! The Army certainly makes you think about these kinds of life-changing […]

Yeah, it’s summer and I’m talkin’ about Christmas…

OK, so it’s pretty obvious how AWESOME I am at keeping my blog up-to-date, right? Yeah… Here it is, August 6th and I’m about to bring you back, waaaayyyy back (OK, maybe not that far back…) to Christmas break, 2010. It was the first time in my life that I ever had to travel to […]

Change is inevitable…

Change is inevitable and I choose to embrace it! My life has changed a bit since my last entry. As most of you already know I’ve moved down to Alabama, a state where Chiggers out number people 10:1! OK, I may have made that up, but it’s a good guess! Mike and I packed up […]

Long time no see!

I think I might have forgotten that I had a blog for a little while here… My apologies. I believe a recap would be appropriate. Stay with me now, this might take a little bit… {deep breath} and here we go… June 20th, Meghan’s Bachelorette party, Boston MA. There were quite a few of us […]