We’re homeless…

On our way to CA yesterday we stopped at a scenic view area, as we
were walking back to the truck Mike noticed smoke coming out from
under the hood… Two nice men stopped and took a look at the oil
leaking under the truck with Mike. They all agreed we needed to get it
up on a lift and looked at so off we went to the nearest town, Tooele,
UT. We drove the truck to Tunex and they said there was definitely a
leak that needed to be fixed but they didn't have any time that
evening and we'd have to bring it back the next morning. Lucky for us
there was a Walmart right next door and that's where we spent the
night, after a round of bowling and a movie, of course! Today we've
spent the day roaming the streets of Tooele. My feet are ridiculously
dirty and I'm ready to get our home back! Now just as you might start
feeling bad for us… please note that the night before last we drove
into Park City, did some shopping, ate out at a nice brewery, drove
back to our executive suite at the Homestead Resort, floated around
for an hour in a 55ft deep mineral spring crater, and from there we
hopped in the whirlpool tub in our bathroom! So yeah, I guess we had
this coming to us…

2 thoughts on “We’re homeless…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Of all the beautiful pictures you could have sent from the west coast,yu pick your filthy feet?!!!! It scared me. It looks like rigormortis was setting in! Sorry to hear about the rolling hotel. Hope it didn’t mess up getting to Yosemite in time. Miss ya! Love, Mom

  2. Murrays Mom says:

    Did that stuff ever come off your feet? What a riot! I’m glad that nice man was able to help you with the truck. Keep on truckin’Love, Auntie Jan and Uncle Jim

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