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Dirty Thrity


I guess you could say that I had somewhat of a ‘dirty thirty’ birthday. Not so much in the sense of going out and getting absurdly intoxicated, but rather in the form of a present… A present that was probably one of the biggest presents I’ve ever received! Be hold, my new dirty thirty bike!

I have a pretty awesome husband, right?!?

Other than receiving that amazingly awesome gift, I also had a great time going out to a restaurant near by with some wonderful friends! We indulged in some great food, which included cow tongue! YES! That’s right! I ate cow tongue! Wow, I’m really impressed with myself as of recent. I’ve really branched out (as far as my standards are concerned) and tried some very different things since I’ve been in Japan! I actually really enjoyed the cow tongue too. Imagine that, Laura Ferioli saying that she enjoys cow tongue… Wow. I  never thought I’d see the day!

It’s funny, I certainly don’t consider myself ‘old’ and I do believe/hope that I’ll be around for many more years to come, but for some unknown reason I felt the need to reflect on what I could remember of the past thirty years.

I laughed when I recalled how a friend and I used to discuss how we thought our lives would be when we were thirty. As I remember it, there were definitely some children running around and I wasn’t living in Japan! Back then, I actually thought thirty sounded so ‘old’… Boy, has that feeling changed!

I sighed (a good sigh) when I remembered my 26th birthday. On September 21st, 2008 Mike and I spent the day driving around the most beautiful park in the world (in my opinion), Yosemite! Actually, that was the only year that I felt like I was celebrating my birthday for a month straight, as that had been when Mike and I packed up the pick-up and drove across the country. It was one of the most pivotal points in my life. I would give anything to be on the road again, driving around with no place to be. Now that I think about it, 2008 may have been one of the best years of my life. I accomplished so many things that year that I thought I’d only dream of doing. I also grew closer to one of the most important guys in my life,  the one that helped make those dreams a reality and the one who eventually became my husband!

I smiled when I thought about all the parties my parents had thrown me growing up. We had everything from a mini petting zoo in the back yard to, well… a mini petting zoo in the back yard (it was my favorite party theme)! When I think about it, my childhood was pretty darn close to perfection and I have my amazing parents and awesome family and friends to thank for that!

Although thirty years isn’t very long, I’ve had a very fun and happy life thus far and if I kick the ol’ proverbial bucket tomorrow or any day following that, I guarantee you I’ll have died happy.


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