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Drivin’ Ms Judy

Adventuresfor Fun
white sands national monument
February 17, 2017 / By / , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , / 1 Comment
Our bags are packed, we’re ready to go. We’re sitting here, inside the Hyundai, Judy looks at me and says, “Let’s get on our way!” We’re leaving Central Texas, We should’ve rented the Lexus… OK, let’s hit the road! Could I be any more nerdy with that sad attempt at rewriting the lyrics to “I’m […]

Traveling through Thailand

July 21, 2015 / By / , , , , , / Comments Off
I’m sitting here in our home in Texas, day dreaming about our totally tubular time traveling through Thailand last October! WOW! Six-word alliteration!! Can ya dig it?!? YEAH!.. Anyway, where was I? Ahh yes, traveling through Thailand… It was a hot and humid night on the 21st of October, when our plane touched down in Bangkok. Our cabbie weaved through […]

Two Weeks in New Zealand

April 1, 2014 / By / , , , , , , , / 3 Comments
Short side story: I began penning this tale about a month after returning home from NZ, however, I only made it about two paragraphs in before abandoning it for almost four months! I’m sorry!! I was busy with my little business!! You leave me alone!! Ha ha ha! Anyway… I tell ya, those Europeans, man… they just […]

Surviving a visit from your Mother and Mother-in-law

Adventuresfor FunJapan
August 6, 2013 / By / , , , , , , , , , , , / 2 Comments
You’re in panic mode! You just found out that your Mother and Mother-in-law are visiting… at the same time!! What do you do?!? First off, stop hyper-ventilating, that’s only going to help you pass out. Next, follow my two easy steps on how to survive this situation or rather, how to avoid it in the […]

Skiing in Hokkaido {video}

July 1, 2013 / By / , , , , , , , / Comments Off
It’s Summer, so I figured that this would be the perfect time to share a short video that I put together showing just how awesome skiing and riding can be in Hokkaido, even despite having unseasonably warm temperatures! Enjoy!